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El Norte was established in the city of Wilmington more than three decades ago and counting.  The name El Norte has become widely popular because of what it represents to the Hispanic and Latinx community—a promised land. The restaurant stays true to its roots, from its traditional décor to its balanced dichotomy of traditional and modern Mexican dishes. 


In *1987*, Theresa Rodriguez, current owner and co-founder, reinvented the El Norte we all know and love today. Her vision was to create an authentic Mexican menu and to develop a strong relationship with customers. La Señora Theresa, as the local community calls her, started from very humble beginnings. She immigrated here from Mexico and took on any job she could find. Eventually, she was able to save up enough money to buy the restaurant with a business partner and embark on her biggest venture: to create the best Mexican restaurant. In the *90s*, she purchased the building El Norte operated in and became the sole owner of the restaurant. 30+ years later, La Señora Theresa maintains her convictions, which continue to show through El Norte’s dedication to fresh, from-scratch, high quality food. 

  La Señora Theresa is a proud mother of two fine gentlemen, Alfredo and Jonathan, who are often seen helping out at the restaurant. She managed to put both her sons through college with the support of her partner of many years, Alfredo Carbajal Sr. Their strong sense of family extends past immediate relations. El Norte is a family restaurant where everyone—customers, locals, and newcomers—all feel the same warm welcome.   

La Familia De El Norte continues to serve clients with the highest quality experience. The secret to the El Norte experience begins in the kitchen, and finds its way to how we treat our customers. The service is complemented by the environment, which includes outdoor seating, karaoke and a jukebox. It doesn’t hurt that we offer an exquisite collection of drink options made with the finest alcohol. Hand shaken margaritas, the finest tequilas, and a perfectly crafted cocktail menu all blend together for a superb dining experience.

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